Talulamae Parfum Oil


Pitter patter of rain drops
On the colorful canopies
Of the bazaar.
Blue smoke unfurling
From some distant sandalwood
From some distant land.
Leather boots break puddles,
The dew clings to the moss.
Arabian Musk and Tennessee Whisky.
Silk Road to the American South.


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If confidence is the greatest aphrodisiac, Talulamae is no less than liquid seduction. Inspired by the strength and courage of a rare breed of women, Misty Dawn Lawrence has created a signature scent that induces a passion. Blending the elegance of the Old South with contemporary sophistication, while simultaneously invoking the exotic mystery of treasured spices found in the markets of Africa and the Mediterranean.

Like Misty Dawn Lawrence herself, the essence of Talulamae can never be contained. It is shared in the same intimate spirit as it was originally designed, prepared by hand and individually marked with Talulamae’s own seal of approval. Inside is a delicate vial of feminine inspiration for your boudoir – the scent that all you gypsies have been craving to complement the subtle power held by only the rarest of women.

Notes: Sweet rain, sandalwood, and liquor.


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